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Protection of industrial property rights

In Lithuania there is a special national tool aimed to give financial support for the protection of industrial property rights that covers the patents of inventions and design at the European and international level.

The national support is oriented to the:

  • acquirement of a European patent (EPO);
  • patent issued under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (WIPO);
  • registration of a Community design or a design registered under the Geneva Act of Hague Agreement (OHIM, WIPO).

Searches for national applications:

  • system on searches for national applications since 2014;
  • search report and written opinion about patentability prepared by EPO.

MITA and Lithuanian State Patent Bureau has been signed an agreement on searches for national applications. EPO committed to carry out searches for patent applications filed in Lithuania. EPO prepares a search report and a written opinion about patentability. It enables applicants to obtain early information on the possible outcome of an examination of their inventions as to patentability. The quality of the national searches is the same as European patent application.

Since 2011, MITA has been providing financial support for the protection of industrial property rights at the international level.

MITA covers 80% of costs of patent attorneys’ services and official fees.

Eligible applicants are:

  • companies;
  • research institutions.
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